Accelerating growth for visionary startups

We invest in exceptional founders and empower them with our expertise and time in exchange for equity to build impactful digital experiences.

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We partner with you

From start to finish, step-by-step, we ensure that there is a complete understanding of needs and an alignment of interests at the formation of a partnership. The full experience, expertise, and network of the Ventures Partners are used to free valuable time to focus on value-generating activities and accelerate growth.

We invest more than funds

We aim to unlock the potential growth of mid-stage startups with a proven core business model, focusing on the Wealthtech, Healthtech, Employeetech areas. Windmill Ventures invests more than funds: Our expertise supports you in every step of your digital product journey.

Our goal is your success



Together, we develop an innovative business model, contact potential industry partners, and implement an initial proof


We explore viable concepts and prototypes and develop user-centered products that deliver the Wow-Factor.


We rigorously test products with real customers and refine, refine, and refine again until we find the market fit.


Engagement soars as we implement a future-proofed digital experience that your clients love.

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Our offer

Partnering with entrepreneurs and co-founders, we support them as they scale to exit, giving them access to our global networks and services they need to grow.

Venture Strategy

From your idea to business model to value proposition, we work to find the right product market fit and validate these models and hypotheses with real customers.

Venture Ideation & Validation

We build visual concepts and prototypes from your ideas, test them with real customers, and validate them with real feedback.

MVP Launch

We identify and define high-value, "wowable" products based on customer validation and feedback, creating a roadmap of clear increments to help the delivery plan.

Continuous Delivery

We work with founders and teams to successfully execute a continuous delivery and deployment program.

Venture Growth

We support your growth by working with you to find the right partners and opportunities.

Built by Windmill

Offering you the best talent we are visionaries, designers, explorers, and solution discovers maximizing growth potential and value generation for our partners.



of successfully implementing revolutionary products for our clients.



work within the group ranging from visionary designers, analysts and developers.



Operating out of 5 different geographic locations with wide and diverse cultures



we have successfully designed and launched

We have collaborated with some amazing start-ups

  • great notion
  • Next Caller
  • brandlive
  • WorkFusion
  • hemi sync
  • Smarsh

Investing in your future