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At Windmill Ventures we invest both capital + time and utilize the collective skills of our team to power the growth of your ideas from concepts to great digital solutions.

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Windmill Ventures provides

Windmill Ventures is designed to help you navigate through concept testing and development with an eye on finding the right avenue to produce growth. 


Windmill Ventures has a fund that allows us to invest in various ideas for applications and software solutions.

Venture investment

We provide ideation, discovery, design, prototyping, concept validation, development, promotion and product launch guidance.

Incubator services

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Superior experience

Windmill Ventures embraces the core goal of Windmill Smart Solutions which is to produce superior digital user experiences through design and development

Lean process

We take ideas and turn them into testable MVPs following Lean startup and Lean UX methodologies

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We work on some great ideas. 

Let’s add yours to the list!

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Lets your

What we look for

We look for teams with a passion and a track record of success

Great Teams

We work on brand new ideas or existing concepts looking to identify a pivot opportunity

Across Stages

We look for innovative ideas that address clear issuest

Great Ideas

We work on ideas across many industries

Across Industries

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Our team

International organization, headquartered in Switzerland, founded in 2006.

Our team has years of experience in product development, user experience design and development and are ready to put that to work for you.

Combine your passion with our experience and investment and give your idea the best chance for success

Let Windmill Ventures power your project

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Windmill group companies operate across a number of industries and locations

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Windmill Smart Solutions is a leading, digital design and development consultancy

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Nilaya is focused on wellness and the well being of all

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Windmill Ventures creates successful products from ideas

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Windmill Partners provides recruiting and screening services for enterprises in the fintech industry

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